About Us

We are Jess and Chris and we live in Surrey in the UK. We have been together for about 10 years and have a small toddler.

We both read extensively and we read very different genres to each other. I tend to read more contemporary fiction with a few classics thrown in and I tend to not read so much crime or fantasy. Chris on the other hand reads a lot more science fiction, classics and non-fiction. He dislikes fantasy, Romances and Crime.

I keep all my TBR books on a shelf in our living room, the shelf cannot hold more than about 30 books and I like to keep it to this number. There are however over 100 books on my Amazon wish list. Chris keeps all his TBR books in a box which is stuffed under the bed so that he doesn't have to look at them. We both try not to keep too many of our books after reading them due to space so we give most of our books away to our local charity book shop.

We started this blog because for a long time I had been reading and commenting on other peoples blogs and we wanted to become more involved in the book blogging community plus its something fun we do together.