Thursday, 29 December 2011

The year in (a short) review 2011

Over 2011 I finished more or less 73 books, I also read a lot of various short stories and a couple of novellas I didn’t bother to count.

I did make a note of the nationality of the author of every book I read just for a bit of fun. Going by my reading habits I knew it was always going to be close between the Americans and English for the top spot and the English just about got there. I’m surprised at the amount of books by German authors I managed to read and am even more surprised that the French did not make an appearance or that the Irish did not feature more. I think I’ll do this again next year.

Looking over my favourite books this year and the classics like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Gone with the Wind have been the most memorable ones for me but then I guess books like these are classics for a good reason. Next year I’m probably going to read a lot more classics and possibly some quite old books like Gulliver’s Travels or Robinson Crusoe. Chris is also trying his best to get me to read Ulysses or some such nonsense.

I have some lovely collections of books sitting on my shelf, quite a few of the penguin clothbound classics and the Penguin decade’s books. They look very pretty sitting there but I have read very few of them so this year I would like to prioritise those more, but who knows what comes my way in the meantime.

Thankyou to everyone who have organised very nicely any read-alongs that I have participated in over the year, you guys get me through books I would have never have picked up otherwise on account that I am lazy.
Happy new year everyone and here’s to a good one.

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  1. That's an interesting thing to keep track of, but what do you do for mixed nationality?

    I am going to try to prioritise books I already own more this year as well, but I'm sure I'll get distracted by new books at some point.

  2. that's a great idea, thanks, I will include this next year. here is my recap, with 2 graphs as well!:

  3. I did some stats this year for the first time too. It was quite surprising to see the nationalities and other percetages, and I think I now have a clearer idea of what I want to change next year.

    I hope to prioritise owned books as well, but I think I say this every time at new year's ad always wander from my initial idea :)

    Happy 2012!

  4. Happy New Year! It is posts like this that make me wish I took the stats of the books I read. Hope you find many more fantastic books in 2012. :-)