Saturday, 20 March 2010

Marley & Me

Read the book, see the movie challenge is over here if your interested I think its a great idea and I have enjoyed reading other peoples thoughts on this. Last night Marley & Me was on Sky Movies so I am able to participate at last in this challenge.

This is about a family who have gone through a fairly typical life but have happened to do this with a mad dog in tow. Yes Marley does get up to very naughty and often hilarious antics but Marley is part of a family. This family goes through their own house moves, job changes, raising a family and their own tragic and happy elements in their lives. The same kind of life we all will probably end up having in fact. I was expecting a book about a dog and instead got an insight into a modern American family. As most people with pets know life does not revolve around your pets but they are there through all your ups and downs and when they die there is suddenly something missing in all of that.

Verdict 3/5

Marley & Me the film

oh dear oh dear. I don't think they quite knew how to market this film, do they make a comedy about a dog or a small film about a family with the dog there for comic relief. Whatever they were trying to do it didn't work. This was a film where all the main parts of the book was there but the heart was missing. There was no chemistry between Aniston and Wilson, I had a hard time believing these people were meant to be married and in love. Aniston to her credit was good as 'Jen' she was the only one that showed real emotion at the burial scene. Whereas I cried at the end of the book, by the end of this film I was thoroughly bored (by the looks of it so was Owen Wilson)

Verdict 1/5

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