Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Where do we buy our books?

Where people buy their books depends on many things like access to libraries, money or where they live.
I thought Id start off with a post about where we buy ours. Well we both tend to buy most of our books from Amazon.co.uk, I know we should be supporting our local bookshop but you can’t beat Amazon's next day delivery service or their prices. Given the chance Chris will also spend loads of money in Waterstones. In fact a trip to Waterstones with Chris is a bad idea. I tend to know what books I’m looking out for in a shop. I have a long wish list and buy books off this list (simple eh?) Chris just wanders around the shop for AGES umming and ahhing so I get very very bored.

With regards to our local bookshop...well, we live in a very small town (we have to drive 10 miles to get to Waterstones) There is one bookshop in our town which, unfortunately, caters more for children and young adults than people of our age. The few adult books they do stock are very limited in range and tend to be the bestsellers at the time. The most success I have had is the small Oxfam second hand bookstore just down the road. I’ve found quite a few books in there which have been on my wish list and the most I’ve paid in there for a book is £2.50. Chris has never found anything he wants in this shop though. We are also good book donators and they are happy to let us offload any unwanted books.

I have joined the library recently, there isn’t one in the town I live in but I don’t have to drive far so hopefully I will use this more.

Posted by Jess


  1. I am also an ummer and an ahhher. While I often have a particular book I'm looking for, I love to just wander around bookstores and look at everything, even things I'm not really interested in (like sports books). I live two hours away from the nearest non-used bookstore, so when I get a chance to go to the bookstore I like to soak it up. :)

  2. Thanks for the message of support Zara, Jess often gives me a hard time about being in book stores too long!