Saturday, 1 May 2010

Special Edition Book Sets

I rarely keep any of my books, they either go to a charity shop or if I think they would be interested, my family or friends. Perhaps this is why I am attracted to 'special collections'. You know the ones, its when publishers release a limited edition set of Jane Austin books or cloth bound books of old classics for a limited time only. I rarely actually buy any of these sets because I find that with special edition copies comes a special edition price as well, but I do like looking at them so here are my latest 'wants'

Now I was in town a week ago and I saw Alice in Wonderland in HMV for £1.99, but in Waterstones they had this rather nice edition for £12.99.

Now I'm not an idiot, this is a book I've never read so I did get the £1.99 one but it didn't stop me thinking about it. The rest of this rather lovely collection can be see here.

Bloomsbury do a special collection of Margaret Atwood books that when lined up spell ATWOOD on the spines.

Little Brown publishing have released these books here which are special edition and the covers have been designed by various textile designers. These were released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Virago Modern Classics back in 2008.

oh then we have these as seen on various book blogs over the past year.

No these are not special edition, but they do all have matching covers...........therefore I want them............all.

There is a bit of a point to this post, I recently treated myself to these.

To celebrate being 75 years, penguin have released the 'books of the decades'. Basically 5 books from each decade from the 50s to the 80s which according to them 'helped shape modern Britian' So four decades, 20 books - I don't really see how that fits with the '75' years thing but there you go.

What I have brought are the books from the 70s decade, the books here appealed to me plus one of them is a collection of Daphne du Maurier's short stories which I can use for the du Maurier challenge.

So there you go, some books which I will be keeping.


  1. These are a lovely set of books. I actually broke down and treated myself to a little Austen and Bronte. They were just too pretty to resist!

  2. How lovely. I don't usually buy special edition books and especialy not if I already have a copy but must confess I was delighted to be given a special edition of T.S Eliots Cats poems for christmas.

  3. Those books are beautiful! I would love to have special editions of the books that I will always reread. So far I only have a fabulous edition of LoTR and the Hobbit-- they were gifts. But I still read my tattered paperback copies so the special ones will stay pristine. I'm on the look out for a set of Jane Austin!

  4. Ooooh, these are all gorgeous! I particularly like the Atwood collection that spells her name! I would love to buy the Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell (if available) collections someday!

  5. Whitney - I dont blame you! But if the books are special then why not.
    Patty - I have to admit I love looking but apart from those I have brought I have never brought any. It is kind of a christmas/birthday thing.
    Lesa - Maybe someone should contact some publishers somewhere about a whole set of Austen, I think they would be popular.
    Book Mole - I would love love love the Atwood collection but unfortunately these are the mose expensive on the list, at £25 EACH so to get all of them could be £175 - which is even too much for a christmas present.

  6. Oh, I love all of those! The gorgeous Penguins, the decades series, the Atwoods (want want want!) and most of all the lovely Bloomsbury Group editions, which I have started collecting. I must now fight the urge to go on a virtual book shopping spree :P

  7. These really are beautiful. I particularly like the Penguins and those gorgeous lavender covers.

    I have an award for you here

  8. Hmm...the Penguin decades...Oddly enough I think the new covers for the books from the 80s are the best, and I think the original 80s covers are by far the worst of all the other decades, new or original.

  9. Nymeth - they are quite special
    Thomas - I really dont like the 80s covers at all LOL I was an 80s child so maybe thats why, I liked the 70s ones best.

  10. Hi Chris and Jess, just to let you know there is an award awaiting you on my blog if you'd like to stop by.