Saturday, 15 May 2010

Adding to my ever growing wish list

I have a very structured way of organising my TBR books. I have about 30 or so on my actual bookshelf as seen here. The rest of my TBR books are on my Amazon wish list of which there are about 100 books (eak) I tend to add books to this list based on recommendations from fellow bloggers or books I read about in the press. How long these books stay on this list before they get elevated to my real-life book shelf depends, sometimes I get them within a week, others have been on my wish list for months.

But of course once I get around to eventually reading them I have completely forgotten where on earth I heard about it in the first place. So just for fun for the last couple of weeks, I have made a note of where I got the idea for adding the more recent books to my wish list along with a link to the original review.

Not all books that have been given 5 stars from bloggers appeal to me and likewise sometimes books which a blogger has found so/so I think sounds like the kind of thing I would enjoy but for whatever reason the following appealed;

The Lizard Cage by Karen Connelly found at Caribousmom

An Equal Music by Vikram Seth found at Reading Matters

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon given a rave review at and the plot thickens

The Magus by John Fowles found to day at The literary stew if anyone says a book is one that people either love or hate then I am interested.

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout found at C.B James

There have of course been loads of others which I have forgotten over the past few months but thank you to everyone who blogs for constantly bringing new authors and and books to my attention, a lot of which I would never have got to hear about otherwise.

On another note a book arrived today called 'Troll: A love story' now I ordered this after reading about it on someones blog but of course I have completely forgotten who's this blog is. If anyone recognises this then please let me know as I would love to give full credit for finding me such an unusual book.

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  1. I don't have a Goodreads account or have an Amazon wishlist for those exact reasons - my TBR would get out of control! So I've just got my modest (reasonably) list on my blog!

  2. I'm exactly the same way, with forgetting where I've heard about books (I'm even worse with movies on my netflix queue). I need to find a way of noting where I've gotten my book suggestions!

  3. I like trying to keep track of where I find great books too :) I am not always successful at remembering to do it, but it is fun when I remember. I hope you get to read The Lizard Cage - it is such an amazing book, and since I've reviewed it, I keep thinking about the characters (a good sign!). I've also read Shadow of the Wind and Olive Kittridge...both very good books!

    Thanks for the link love :)

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  5. Jess, what a great idea-- have you considered making this a regular feature/meme?

    Just the title Troll: A Love Story makes me want to read that book-- I'm jotting it down now on a scrap of paper with your name as the source and sticking in my trusty drawer of blog notes-to-self.


  6. My TBR list on Goodreads has gotten out of control as well. I've started doing the same thing.

    This is a good idea for a feature.

  7. Bethany - TBH the books on my wish list don't bother me at all, I only counted them today for the purposes of this post. The ones that bother me are the 30 or so on my shelf. Maybe because their 'real'

    Kathy - I think it would be differcult to note down all the books I end up adding to my list, aside from carrying a notepad arounf with me I'm not sure how I would do it?

    Wendy - Thanks for reviewing the lizard cage!

    Teresa & Lesa - it wouldn't be a bad idea for a feature, esp if it brings more attention to other blogs. I might do a post asking if people are interested in this?

    As for a Troll a love story, its finnish and is about a young man who comes home to see a troll being beaten outside his apartment so he takes him in. Then of course what does one do in the city. I mean how could I resist NOT getting that. The auther is Johanna Sinisalo.

  8. Isn't it addictive continuously finding more and more books on other blogs that you want to read?

  9. I'm sure so many people reading this will understand that ever growing wish list. Thank goodness for Amazon, you can register a list with them then just point people in its direction come birthdays/Christmas.

    The Shadow Of The Wind. Another book that I hated despite so many raving over it. I eagerly await your thoughts.

  10. I know what you mean about wanting to have the review at your fingertips that prompted you to add it to your list. Lately I have been emailing the review to myself from Google Reader and then put it in a folder.

    I really liked Shadow of the Wind. Olive Kitteridge is on my real bookshelf and hope to get to it this year.