Sunday, 15 August 2010

Things we have learnt from books N'3

This is our 'hope to do this' weekly feature. Although authors like to entertain us or give us insights into other peoples lives and the human condition, sometimes they will educate us with a actual fact. After verifying a found fact (via the internet) we will share where we share what we have learnt from a book this week.

Number 3. What is a Douche from The World According to Garp.

I always thought that a 'Douchebag' was just an American insult like cooties, but it turns out that a Douche is a small devise which is used to clean the interior of a woman's lady bits. Douche's were used as a contraception before other forms of contraception became widely available and is the context of which a Douche is used in the World According to Garp.

Now a days the practice of 'Douching' is largely restricted to the United States although apparently the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services strongly discourages douching.

On another note I really didn't enjoy reading The World According to Garp and can't be bothered to write a review on it, has anyone else read this?


  1. Pretty darn funny. Never can tell what you will learn from books.

    Garp is actually one of my favorite books, Irving one of my favorite authors. I would be curious to know what did not work for you in the novel. But understand that Irving does tend to a love/hate proposition for many readers.

    Happy reading!

  2. Oh you wouldn't believe the commercials we used to have over here for douches ("Mom, do you ever have that not so fresh feeling?" was the opening line for one.) The line became a bit of a joke among my friends and I for a while.

    And I was on the fence about the Garp. I liked it but didn't love it. The only other Irving I've read was A Prayer for Owen Meany, which I liked more.

    (FYI: I discovered your blog through BBAW and can't believe we hadn't crossed paths before as we seem to have several blogging friends in common, including Frances above.)

  3. Frances - I basically didnt like the character Garp which made things a little differcult throughout the book. I liked the overall message of the book but I thought Garp was kind of a jerk.

    Teresa - that commercail line made me laugh! I might try another Irving in the future as I didnt dislike tha actual writing. btw Welcome!

  4. Garp was an odd, little book but I liked it quite a bit. Quirky is something that appeals to me and I'd say Garp falls into that category.

    Did you see the movie? Even more quirky if you ask me.

  5. Ti -I didnt know there was a movie of it, it must be practically pornographic with all the sex in the book.

  6. I loved Garp, as I love most of Irving. Funny how cultural personal hygiene can be...I remember seeing my mom's douche bag in the shower as a young girl. (TMI?) But yes, they are antiquated now!

  7. Perhaps I am the only one, but I had never heard the term "French Letters" before reading The Thornbirds.?? Just a little bit of interesting, but useless information.

  8. Elisabeth - It is interesting, cultural hygene - who ever knew?

    Kim - I just looked up "French letters" LOL

  9. I remember enjoying Garp. I don't think I liked him necessarily, but the story was interesting.

  10. I read Garp last year and was frustrating, because though the story was interesting, I didn't like Garp... or his wife ... or very many other characters in the book.

    p.s. I love your what have we learned posts!

  11. Really? You didn't like Garp? I really did.. They made a movie of it which I didn't love though. Unless I'm thinking of a different book?