Wednesday, 15 September 2010

BBAW Day 3: Unexpected Treasures

Day three of BBAW is asking us to share a book or genre you tried due to the influence of another blogger. Well I can think of loads of books and different genres I have read because of the influence of other bloggers. But do you think I can remember the books or the blogger from where I got them from? Er nope.

So I will talk about challenges. I have to admit that when I first saw all these challenges popping up on other blogs I was quite cynical and couldn't work out why people would sign up to so many of them. Until of course I found a few that really appealed to me and I found myself becoming very quickly hooked.

The first one I ever signed up to was The 1930s challenge hosted over on thingsmeanalot. I read Tender is the Night for this one and quickly followed it with The Great Gatsby. F Scott.Fitzgerald is now one of my favourite authors ever and although I may have gotten around to reading these books eventually, I'm very glad the challenge inspired me to read it so quickly.

Next was the Daphne Du Maurier challenge hosted at book-a-rama (which is still running till April 2011) For this one I only had to read 3 Du Maurier books, an author which was new to me. So far I have read four and have no plans for stopping.

The fourth Japanese Literature Challenge hosted over at Dolce Bellezza inspired me to pick up Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro who again had become a firm favourite author of mine. At the moment I am being traumised by reading In The Miso Soup for this one.

Of course the Read the book, watch the movie challenge hosted over at Ready when you are, C.B is a very popular one and I have really enjoyed reading the other participants posts on this. So far we have contributed ten of our own.

So what have I learnt from participating in the above (aside from not to be so cynical). Well I have read an author I might not have picked up otherwise and read books which I have always thought 'I'd get around to one day' alot quicker. But I have also enoyed reading other bloggers post their entries and its nice to be part of that and to be able to comment on it. I also have to say that I'm grateful to the bloggers that host these things, it looks like alot of work.Who knows, maybe one day I'll be inspired to host my own ;)

Posted by Jess


  1. What a great topic! I love challenges but have tried to reduce the number I participate in these days. Too much pressure! It would be better if I stuck to just a couple like this.

  2. Challenges can be addictive. I love the 1930s challenge and am so glad you're enjoying the Daphne Du Maurier challenge. I can't stop reading her books either!

  3. The thirties are the time period for my writing, so I was delighted at the interest in that decade.

    Isn't it sad that Fitzgerald died feeling his book was a failure?

    Fate plays tricks on writers.

  4. I enjoyed the post. I have yet to participate in any challenges. Maybe I will join one in the new future to see how I enjoy it.

  5. Amanda - I have to be quite restrained so four challenges is quite manageable really.

    Chris - Im hoping one day to read them all which is why Im saving ones like Frenchmans creek till last.

    Shelley - I think it is sad, I read a letter he wrote once during his lifetime to his publishers when the Great Gatsby was out of print and its very sad to read it.

    Miz - they are good fun but only join one that you are really interested in eg dont join a Russian Lit one if you have no interest whatsoever in Russian lit.

  6. What a great idea! Challenges really are great. I am tempted to join more challenges but have trouble keeping up with the ones I'm in. I'm terrible and planning my reading!