Monday, 13 September 2010

BBAW - the first blog I discovered

Book Blogger Appreciation Week starts today!

The idea is to celebrate all the wonderful book blogs out there in the blogosphere through a series of posts during the week. As we are a new blog the post today is “For those you new to BBAW, what was the first book blog you discovered?”

Well like a lot of bloggers I read a lot of book blogs for quite a few months before starting my own (it was Chris’s idea) and I can remember the first one I came across.

I used to hang around on a few book forums and it was on one of these that I ‘met’ CarinB from littlebookish by participating in a couple of ‘book of the month’ reads. When I first visited littlebookish, CarinB happened to have just signed up to C.B.James’s read the book watch the movie challenge which led me to his blog Ready When You Are, C.B. and introduced me to all his featured blogs on his sidebar. So if you were on C.B.James’s sidebar around last January then you were possibly one of the first blogs I visited and is how I entered the world of the book blog.

So a long winded story but please do check out the above blogs if you have not already as they are completely different and both feature some very interesting posts.

posted by Jess


  1. I love Carin and CB both! I see you guys have been featured on several blogs this morning - your blog is awesome!

  2. Yes, those are excellent blogs. Great choice!

  3. You blog had been featured on several sites today and I can't believe I didn't know about it before. It looks great!

    As for the two blogs you featured, they are both nice, though I'm more partial to Carin's blog myself.

  4. I too found your blog because of BBAW, and you've lead me to another new blog as well!

  5. I like CB James blog! Will check out Carin!

    Here is my BBAW: First Treasure post!

  6. Those are great blogs...thanks for sharing.

    I like yours, too, but for some reason, haven't been here in awhile! I need to visit more often.

    Here's my post:

    Click my name for the URL

  7. Two blogs that I love! Wonderful choices. I loved going through other people's blogrolls when I first started blogging, finding others that way!

  8. Ready When You Are was one of the first blogs I found too. I love his new read the book, watch the movie challenge as it is always good to know if it is worth watching the film as well as reading the book.

  9. I read about your blog on Farm Lane Books and came by to visit. I'm so happy I did, you have a great blog!

    C.B.James blog is a wonderful one. I enjoy reading his posts whenever I visit him. Great choice!

    I am not familiar with CarinB at littlebookish but I am going to visit her blog.

    ~ Amy

  10. Your blog is quite the popular blog today! I can't believe I haven't discovered you before!

  11. I seem to be finding book blogs all over the place - probably because I am new at starting out. I am now starting to favour certain ones.

    This is one of them - I do like your reviews that I have read. And it is always nice to find other UK book bloggers.

  12. Thankyou all for your very kind comments. I honestly thought I had seen pretty much all the book blogs out there (I mean how many people do you meet IRL that read as much as bookbloggers do) but I have seen so many new blogs today which Ill continue to check out over the new few days.

  13. I love your picture and the title of your blog. I see that Chris is reading The Silver Sward. That's one of my favorite books from childhood; I especially liked the chimp. I hope you enjoy it.