Thursday, 8 April 2010

Blog awards

The Book Mole has given us our first two awards, The Beautiful Bloggers award and the Honest Scrap award.

For the Honest Scrap award we have to list ten facts about ourselves and then pass onto ten more bloggers, so here goes, (this is written by Jess btw)

1.We both love the US. My father grew up in the States and I travelled around it extensively when I was younger. Chris and I went on our honeymoon in New England and when our son is older we would like to go to New York (it will be my 4th time there and Chris's 1st)
2.Chris prefers The Office an American workplace to the British one (traitor!)
3.Everytime we go to Italy (3 times so far) we get heavy rain, even though we have always gone in the height of summer. In fact come to think of it the same thing has happened to us in Malta (which the locals thought was odd at that time of year) and Paris.
4.We had a 3 month engagement.
5.I drink tea, chris drinks coffee.
6.I sew in my spare time.
7.Chris does not eat fruit or veg (apart from potatoes and he does drink fruit juice)
8.I have always hated baked beans.
9.We both hate the film 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'
10.We have never watched a die hard film.

I would like to pass these awards to the following bloggers:

A Little Bookish
Rose City Reader
Kat's Books
Kylee's Journal
Queen Bee
Teresa's reading Corner
This Bookish Life
Books are a garden


  1. Hey! Congratz on the awards, you really do have a lovely blog ... and thanks for thinking of Obsessed! and spreading the blog love, hehe. Have a lovely Thursday (",), Bella xx

  2. Thanks for giving me the award and being a follower on my blog! I love your 10 facts. That is so funny that your husband likes the American office better than the British version. Apart from a few episodes (like the Pam/Jim wedding episode for sure) I actually like the British one better--it's much more uncomfortable and makes you squirm more. I love Ricky Gervais. We watch his HBO show that they took from his radio show with Karl Pilkington and Stephan it!

  3. Thanks for passing on the Honest Scrap award.

    I like your list -- it is funny. But your husband is wrong about The Office. :)

  4. Thank you! And congrats to your great blog. I will try to get at this next week. 10 things about me -- without boring you to death? That may take a little longer.

    So, Chris is a meat and potatoes guy -- got one of those myself.

    I wonder which is more rare -- sewing or having spare time. :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks very much, your blog is great. I will post it once I get done with my essay.

  6. Thank you for the awards! How on earth to you have spare time?

  7. Carin & Rose - I know hes wrong about the office LOL but he can't stand watching it when it gets too cringeworthy, he has to leave the room. I heard they were doing something with his old radio show, that was complusive listening for me when I was in college (just over ten years ago)

    Kim & Teresa - believe me I used to think I was a busy person before I had a baby, I dont think I knew the meaning of the word! LOL

  8. Thanks for passing on the awards to me. I love reading your blog.

  9. Thanks for giving me the award!