Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lady into Fox

I read about this book on somebody's blog but I can't for the life of me remember who's it was. The story about a lady who suddenly and without reason turns into a fox sparked my interest enough to order a copy from my local library. The library didn't have it on their shelf's but they were prepared to take it out of storage for the total sum of £1, when I received the copy I noticed that it was printed in 1967 and was first taken out the library in 1978. Its a shame I have to take it back.

The story is only about 100 pages long and yes indeed a lady does turn into a fox quite suddenly at the dismay of her husband. The book then follows the husbands story as he vows to still make his marriage work as he can still see that this fox is indeed his wife. The fox certainly acts like his wife, preferring to dress and sit at the table to eat and the couple do enjoy their walks and games of cards. Of course this marital bliss can't last long before the fox begins to more and more revert to more fox like behaviour while the lady behaviour starts to disappear.

This is a delightful book which adds the bizarre to everyday life without descending into fantasy. I was easily able to suspend disbelief for this rather charming tale. Recommended.

Verdict 4/5

Posted by Jess

If anyone can remember who reviewed this on their blog recently then please let me know and I'd do a link.


  1. What a find! Sounds like a funny little books.

    It reminds me of that terrific Roald Dahl story, "Royal Jelly," where the father turns his baby into a big bee by rubbing Royal Jelly on her tummy.

  2. This sounds wonderful! And I never would have thought of it on my own, but it does remind me of "Royal Jelly."